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The Vietnam war was America’s longest and most controversial war and divided the nation like nothing since the Civil War. Society’s disgust with the war in Vietnam was often directed at the returning Vietnam Vet. The American public back home began to regard them as “baby killers” and the realization that even their own government would rather sacrifice their lives than provoke the Russians left many servicemen in Vietnam feeling betrayed and abandoned. Unlike the veterans of previous wars who returned home to a grateful nation and a hero’s welcome, the Vietnam Vet returned home to ridicule, scorn and downright hostility. It is a real tribute to those who served that, out of a profound sense of duty, continued to do their best for those serving around them even though most felt the war was useless, being fought poorly and unwinnable. This book is dedicated to the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine and Coast Guardsman who, in spite of the disruption of their lives, of the ugliness the task they were asked to perform, answered their nation’s call, who did what their country asked of them. This is their story.

Steven Curtis


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